There are numerous questions people have when looking into purchasing a home care franchise. As with most other franchise opportunities, there are going to be rules and regulations the franchisee must adhere to in order to maintain that business.

Some people are a bit confused about why they need to follow those rules and regulations, especially if they have purchased the franchise outright.

It’s not as though they owe any further money for the purchase; of course, they need to pay a certain percentage of their monthly revenue to the company ongoing, but don’t they own the business itself?

Not exactly.

Not in the traditional sense of owning a business. Yes, that franchisee is considered the owner of the business and yes, they likely paid a significant sum of money upfront to get started, but they are carrying the name of the main company and are riding along the coattails of all the hard work and effort that company put in to building a brand name.

It’s not the same as starting your own home care agency from scratch where you get to make all the decisions, decide which clients to take on, and have to adhere to certain rules outside of those put forth by state or local regulations.

What’s the advantage of buying into a home care franchise?

A lot, actually. Not only would you be getting into the number one job creator industry in the country at the moment because of increasing demand, you also get a turnkey operation.

What this means is you can start providing services almost immediately. The franchise company is going to have done all the legwork necessary to get your franchise up and running as soon as possible once you sign the documents.

They have every right to stipulate certain rules and regulations you need to follow and adhere to because they own the brand you’re buying into. You are free to not sign the contract, go off and start your own agency, but when many people realize just how much time, money, and effort goes into certification, licensing, and building an agency these days, they quickly realize the inherent and true value a franchise offers.

Read the rules and regulations carefully. You need to understand each and every one of them and be willing to adhere to them. In the event you violate any of them, the company may have the right to revoke your franchise tag, which could completely upend your business.

It’s an incredibly valuable investment, but it’s not exactly the same as owning your business and not having to answer to anyone else.