Starting a new business can be unsettling. It can be downright scary for some. However, that entrepreneurial dream and drive is alive and well in many people, probably even you. If you have been looking into the prospect of becoming a home care franchise owner, that is a wonderful thing.

One question that might be circling your mind, though, is whether or not you’re ready for this. Are you truly ready to become a home care franchise owner?

Let’s dig a little deeper and see where things stand for you and your life right now.

Do you have the financial resources to make this work?

That doesn’t mean you might not have enough money saved up to purchase the franchise outright; it means do you have enough in reserve?

A lot of people make the mistake of assuming that if they can purchase a franchise, they are all set. They aren’t.

That’s because once you purchase this franchise and open it for business, you will have to make payroll, pay for the lease on your commercial facility, and other expenses. With a home care business, it will be at least a couple of months before the revenue begins coming in, especially if you’re going to be relying on Medicaid reimbursement clients mostly.

You will still be responsible for making payroll and all of these of expenses, so you need to make sure that you have enough financial resources to get this business up and running from the start.

Are you willing to devote the time needed to start this business?

Of course, it’s easy to assume you are, but a lot of people have misconceptions about what being a business owner entails. At least in the beginning, you may have to put in 50, 60, or 70 or more hours every week into this business.

It’s not going to be easy. It’s going to be taxing, exhausting, and trying for at least the first few weeks and possibly couple of months. Once things get operational, you have your employees up to speed, and things are running smoothly, then you may be able to pull back a little bit, but in the early stages, your business is going to require your fall, undivided attention.

Do you have emotional support?

Do your family or friends really support this dream? If not, you could be met with plenty

of resistance, deliberate or otherwise. You need to have a good emotional support system to help encourage you, give you advice along the way, and help you stay focused on the goal.

If you possess these things, then you are really ready to be a home care franchise owner.

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