It’s late at night and you can’t sleep. You keep tossing and turning, your mind racing in a thousand different directions. You have an opportunity to purchase a home care franchise and become a business owner.

This may have been a dream of yours for a long time. It’s a wonderful dream. When you have true compassion and a desire to help those in need, operating a home care agency is one of the best options for you.

A franchise is an effective way to get in on this growing industry and quickly start helping the people in your community. However, it seems as though this decision-making process is taking longer than you would like.

You’re jumping through numerous hoops.

At least that’s how it feels. You speak to a representative from the franchise company. You go to a meeting. You read paperwork. You have to go over legal forms and sign document after document after document.

You have the money for this. You’ve got more than enough saved up. This is something you want to do. So, why are they making it so difficult for you to get going?

It’s not about difficulty.

A solid, quality franchise company is not going to be in the business of just selling an opportunity to anyone. They have a brand to protect. They have built a reputation up through the years that has allowed them to experience solid growth.
They need to make sure each person investing in their franchise is as dedicated to excellence as they have shown over these many years.

It’s also about making sure each potential franchise owner is aware of the challenges they’ll face when they start this new business. Millions of people around the world dream of starting their own business, but few actually step out and do it.

The majority of those who do ultimately fail. Why? Because owning and operating a business is vastly different than working for one. Even though this is a home care franchise opportunity and even though home care is the number one job creator in the country (and is expected to remain that way for the next decade or more), there are challenges you will face.

Stay strong. Stay diligent.

If this dream is genuine, you won’t be able to shake it. Go through the process, ask questions, but don’t get frustrated if it isn’t happening as fast as you would like. In the end, five years from now when your home care franchise is growing and you set up another franchise or two, you’ll be grateful for these moments that helped you prepare for the amazing journey about to begin.

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