Golden Heart Senior Care FranchiseYou’ve made the decision. You’re going to purchase a home care franchise. That is simultaneously a wonderful and stressful situation. You want to be successful. You’re not investing all this money into a new business with the intention of failing. You also understand you can’t do this alone.

You need quality help. That means you have to build the right team around you from the very beginning.

The benefits of a franchise.

Depending on the company, a franchise can give you a number of benefits over trying to start a home care agency on your own. Most of the legwork is already taken care of, including how to navigate certification and licensing, building name recognition, and a roadmap to gaining clients.

Still, that franchise company is not going to be part of your “team.” That is still up to you, including any administrative assistants, billing personnel, and of course caregivers. When you have a franchise, you should also have valuable resources to lean on when you have questions, need advice, or even some support along the way.

Now, about that team.

A lot of people make the common mistake of hiring friends or family to support them when they begin a business. Unless those family and friends have direct experience as home care providers or with immediate managerial skills in another business, you could be hampering your franchise from the start.

You need to find people who have skills that will benefit your business, the drive to help it grow, and the desire to be part of a team. If somebody doesn’t have any of those attributes — even if it’s your spouse, brother who’s been struggling to hold down a job in the past, or your best friend for your entire life — you need to be careful when stepping into these waters.

It may be possible to hire somebody like that for a job down the road, but when you first start this home care franchise, you need experienced, dedicated, and willing team members who will listen to you, treat you like the boss you are, respect you, and turn to you for leadership.

Hiring friends and family because you feel sorry for them or want to give them a “chance” can (and often does) backfire. It could cost you this business and all the money you’re about to invest in it.

Make a better decision from the start and build a team that has the expertise in various areas you may currently lack. Then, once they’re on board, let them lead where their expertise is strongest. Your new home care franchise business will thank you for it.

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